The Hutto Megasite development, northeast of Austin

Hutto Megasite

The Hutto Megasite is a 1,400-acre tract of land located in Hutto, Texas, that is being developed into a mixed-use commercial and industrial hub. The megasite is expected to generate significant economic activity for the city of Hutto and the surrounding area.

Here are some of the key details about the Hutto Megasite:

  • Location: Hutto, Texas
  • Size: 1,400 acres
  • Planned uses: Commercial and industrial
  • Economic impact: Expected to generate significant job creation and tax revenue
  • Timeline: Development is ongoing, with the first phase expected to be completed in 2024

Current status of the Hutto Megasite

As of October 2023, two major projects have been announced for the Hutto Megasite:

  • Hutto Mega TechCenter: A 188-acre industrial park being developed by Titan Development. The park is expected to be home to a variety of businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies.
  • PowerCampus Austin: A massive data center campus being jointly developed by Skybox Datacenters and Prologis. The campus is expected to total 3.9 million square feet across six buildings and could eventually house up to 1,000 employees.

In addition to these two projects, the Hutto Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) is actively seeking out other developers to bring to the megasite. The HEDC is optimistic that the megasite will attract a variety of businesses that will create jobs and boost the economy of Hutto and the surrounding area.

Potential benefits of the Hutto Megasite

The Hutto Megasite is expected to have a number of benefits for the city of Hutto and the surrounding area, including:

  • Job creation: The megasite is expected to create thousands of jobs in a variety of industries.
  • Tax revenue: The megasite is expected to generate significant tax revenue for the city of Hutto.
  • Economic diversification: The megasite will help to diversify the economy of Hutto and the surrounding area, which is currently heavily reliant on the tech sector.
  • Increased property values: The development of the megasite is expected to increase property values in Hutto and the surrounding area.

Potential challenges of the Hutto Megasite

The development of the Hutto Megasite also poses some potential challenges, including:

  • Infrastructure: The megasite will require significant investments in infrastructure, such as roads, water, and sewer.
  • Traffic congestion: The development of the megasite is expected to increase traffic congestion in the Hutto area.
  • Environmental impact: The development of the megasite will have some impact on the environment. The HEDC is working to mitigate these impacts through sustainable development practices.

Overall, the Hutto Megasite is a major development project with the potential to significantly benefit the city of Hutto and the surrounding area. The HEDC is working to ensure that the megasite is developed in a sustainable and responsible manner that minimizes any negative impacts. Stay tuned to for the latest updates. 

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