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Each year, Rock Properties assists individuals and their families in making a smooth and successful move to or from the Austin area. We’ve helped many happy clients relocate to the Austin area from around the United States (and around the world). The Rock Properties relocation agents are trained, prepared and committed to helping you and your family make a smooth transition to the Austin area.

ROCK Properties Offers Complimentary Relocation Services

Initial Consultation:
Local Market Experts | ROCK Properties RealtyTo get started, we’ll schedule a short phone call to discuss your needs. We’ll establish things like your time frame, your goals, your price range, & your location needs. We can easily communicate by email, telephone, text message, or whatever you prefer.

Area & Neighborhood Recommendations:
With what we learn from our Initial consultation regarding what you need in your new home, we can begin to narrow down to specific area & neighborhood recommendations. Homes that will fit your budget, your commute, and any other important location specific criteria like schools or proximity to entertainment.

Targeted Property Searches:
It’s great to do your own online search, but we will also set up targeted property searches based on the locations you’ve identified and your specific needs for your new home. The Austin MLS provides us with powerful property search tools that we will use, to tailor specific home searches just for you. We can organize your home search into specific search alerts for each area/neighborhood criteria that you want to explore.

Organize Your Favorites:
We’ll provide an online client portal that will allow you to save favorites, possibilities, and to discard properties that you don’t like. You can make notes on properties so that you can easily remember what you liked about each home. If you’re buying your new home with a partner or family, this allows you to easily share your thoughts on different properties and areas.

Touring Properties:
We are happy to spend time with you to tour homes and neighborhoods so that you can get a feel for the areas that fit you the best. Our agents are glad to give personalized tours of neighborhoods, homes and community amenities such as schools, parks, shopping, recreational facilities and more. We’re also happy to show you as many homes as you would like to see to feel comfortable that you
understand the market & your options.

Virtual Tours:
With Austin’s fast-paced real estate market, many buyers purchase homes based on virtual tours and the advice of their agent. We are happy to help preview homes by virtual tours & upload walk-through videos on properties you’re interested in.

Market Analysis:
Rock Properties provides outgoing employees and their families with a comprehensive market analysis of their home. An invaluable tool in determining the value of a home, a market analysis includes information on active competing properties and comparable properties that have recently sold, along with current market conditions.

Contract & Purchase:
When you’re ready to move forward with your purchase, we will guide you through the traditional home buying process. We do understand that a relocation can present unique challenges that usually involve purchasing remotely, and we’re happy to help you through this process.

Remote Closings:
We can set up a remote closing for you wherever you would like (a notary comes to you to close the day before funding.) We’ll perform your final walk through for you & are happy to video chat or send a video walk through so that you’re confident the property is in good shape.

Vendor Referrals:
Since you’re new to town, we’re happy to provide you with a list of vendors that we’ve worked with for years. We can recommend a great mortgage lender, home inspector, insurance provider, landscaper, and more! If you need help finding help, just ask!

Property Management:
Rock Properties oversees properties for transferees who move to and from Austin, ensuring that utility services, lawn and pool maintenance, and other services are being maintained.


Popular Buyer Questions

No matter what your real estate needs, we can help. Call us at 512-850-4510  whenever you need assistance with buying, selling or investing in real estate. We look forward to serving you! 

In Texas, the homeseller typically pays the commission of the agent that is listing the home for sale as well as the commission of the agent that is representing the buyer.  Commission payments to the real estate agents on both sides are typically paid out of the proceeds of the sale at closing and are typically 3% of the sale price for each agent.

Buyers will typically incur some costs as part of the purchase. Those costs most commonly include:

EARNEST MONEY: Usually about 1% of the sales price.

OPTION MONEY: The option fee is typically $500-$1000 for an average priced home.

INSPECTION COSTS: For a standard inspection of an average priced single family home, a buyer can expect to pay $500 – $1,000.

LENDER COSTS & FEES:  These fees are based on the Lender’s APR (Annual Percentage Rate),  The APR, reflects the true and total cost of the loan. It factors in the interest rate plus any upfront costs and fees that are charged by the lender to obtain that rate or to close the loan, such as points, fees, or other costs associated with the loan.

DOWN PAYMENT: This is the portion of the loan that you pay at closing, while the rest of the loan is typically paid over time through a mortgage.   Down payments are usually a percentages of the mortgage in the range of 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% down, etc).

MARKET VALUE: The FMV (Fair Market Value) is simply the agreed upon price between a willing buyer and seller, both of whom are reasonably knowledgeable about the property in question.

APPRAISED VALUE: The valuation determined by a professional appraiser during the mortgage origination process.

ASSESSED TAX VALUE: This is the value assessment performed by the county tax assessor’s office for tax purposes.

The listing agent works for the seller and they are obligated to work in the seller’s best interest.  Therefore, there is a benefit for the buyer to have their own Agent and there is no cost to the buyer for the service.

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