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Austin/Round Rock Texas Real Estate - ROCK Properties

ROCK Properties REALTORS® have been providing Round Rock and Austin Texas real estate customers with Residential/Commercial Sales, Leasing, Investment and Property Management services since 2003. Our goal is to patiently coach you through the buying or selling process to make it successful and as stress-free as possible. Our style is to provide you the information that you need and to answer those questions that you forgot to ask so that you can make an educated decision, without any pressure.

For Buyers relocating to the Austin/Round Rock area or moving up from an existing Austin area home, we know Austin and the finer points of many of its neighborhoods and can provide the guidance to help you find the right property at the right price.

For Sellers planning to sell your Austin home, we can expertly guide you through the process with the experience that comes from having helped hundreds of similar customers through the same process. We do much more than just list your home on the Austin MLS. We help you correctly price your home, advise you on staging and preparing your home for sale and then we keep you involved, aware and informed throughout the entire selling and closing process.

Selling your Austin area home with a real estate agent is usually the most effective way to get top dollar for your home and fits the needs of about 85% of our clients. While we recommend traditional methods for most clients, we also have solutions that fit the needs of clients with special circumstances like fixer-uppers, Divorce, Health Problems, Probate, Bankruptcy, Out-Of-State Sellers, Foreclosure. Our team has helped hundreds of clients solve difficult real estate problems. Give us a call or complete our Home Questionnaire to sell your Austin home fast.

For Investors looking for expert advise on which neighborhoods and homes will rent quickly and which areas are likely to remain desirable and provide the greatest potential for long term appreciation. Most of our Investors have utilized our Austin area Property Management Services to maintain their rental properties and to maximize their occupancy with quality tenants.

Please utilize our web site to research the Austin Real Estate market or learn more about us and and how we can help you maximize your Austin Real Estate goals. If you have questions or when you are ready to take advantage of our experience and knowledge of the Austin real estate market and share our friendly professional approach please don't hesitate to contact us. We love questions and we look forward to assisting you.


Austin to Recover Quickly From Recession

Forbes ranks Austin/Round Rock MSA for metro areas where the recession is easing
Wednesday, March 03, 2010 - 03:28 PM

Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio were also in the Top 10. Here's what Forbes said about Texas:

If one state is a poster child for economic recovery, it's Texas, home to four of the 10 cities on our list. There's more to why Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are faring well than just the state's energy industry. The tech, government and education industries supplement the oil state's riches. As for housing, cities in Texas didn't see the same run-up in home prices and rampant speculation that led to the spectacular bubble burst elsewhere in the country. "The housing market got lucky, if you want to look at it that way," says James P. Gaines, research economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. "We didn't have excessive overbuilding, so we don't have a big overhang of unsold new homes, and because Texas has among most affordable housing in the country, the demand sustained."

The list was based on jobs data, economic growth projections by Moody's and median sales price of single family homes. Here's the Top 10 among the nation's 40 largest metro areas:

1. and 2. (tie): Austin-Round Rock, Washington, D.C.
3. Dallas-Fort Worth
4. and 5. (tie): Houston and Minneapolis-St. Paul
6. Denver
7. San Antonio
8. Boston
9. Los Angeles
10. Kansas City


Practical Advice for New Homeowners

There's nothing more exciting than opening the door to your first new home and knowing that it's actually yours, that you actually own it! No landlord bothering you about every little thing. No silly rules about what colors you can paint or what renovations you want to make. Finally you can do whatever you want to do in your home!

And while this is a great feeling, and the pride you feel is natural and well deserved, don't allow yourself to get too carried away with your newfound freedom. You worked hard to earn this opportunity and you don't want to potentially jeopardize your investment by letting your emotions get the better of you.

If you've recently bought your first home or you plan to do so soon, take a few moments to think about the practical side of home ownership before you start making any major changes or renovations. Doing this will help ensure that your first home becomes the personalized place you always wanted and worked so hard to get.
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